'Spider Web' Chocolate Cake

Keeping in the Halloween spirit, I decided to add a little twist to my Devils Food Cake recipe! 

When you melt down marshmallows, you're left with a SUPER sticky mixture that can be stretched over just about any bake to give it the look of a spiders web! So that's exactly what I did...


For the cake:

My devils food cake recipe that you can find here:


For the decoration: 
  • edible eyes (I bought mine in Morrisons)
  • 75g white marshmallows

  • protective gloves (things are about to get sticky)


  1. Make up the devils food cake by following the recipe linked in the ingredients list above! 
  2. Once you have assembled the cake and covered it in the chocolate ganache; pop the marshmallows into the microwave for 30 seconds. They will inflate quite a lot so make sure you put them in a suitably sized bowl. 
  3. Pop your gloves on and scoop some of the melted marshmallow mixture up with your finger tips. Rub this between your fingertips until it starts to become very stringy and sticky in texture. Stretching out the mixture, wrap around your cake to create a web like pattern! Repeat this until you have achieved your desired amount of web. 
  4. Taking your edible eyes, place pairs of eyes around the cake (as seen in the picture). 
  5. Make a cuppa, kick your legs up and enjoy this little moment of joy!
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